Thompson Thrift Mural Announcement

Indianapolis, IN

Thompson Thrift Retail Group (TTRG), a division of Thompson Thrift, announced today the artists selected for the mural installations at Fishers District.

“We started this process in late May 2019, and were thrilled with the response we received from artists not only locally, but also nationally,” stated Lori Wick, VP of Marketing, Thompson Thrift. “The selection process was much harder than we thought it would be, there is an amazing pool of talent out there. With guidance from the Fishers Arts & Culture Commission, Nickel Plate Arts Council, and a host of others, we narrowed our selection to three local artists and one artist that will be coming to Fishers from Larimore, Wyoming.”

Nickel Plate Arts played a crucial role in assisting Fishers District with the development and execution of the Request for Proposal including coordinating the promotion of the project through their extensive network of artists.
“We were thrilled to work with Thompson Thrift on this project,” offered Nickel Plate Arts Executive Director Ailithir McGill. “We have spent the last seven years developing contact lists for artists and identifying key places to post opportunities for artists, so we were able to get an amazing pool of artists from which to choose. Thompson Thrift has selected four outstanding artists with very different backgrounds, styles, and relationships to Fishers who will each leave their unique fingerprints on The Fishers District and add to the story of the Fishers community!”

The first art installation is scheduled to start before the project opening in late Fall 2019. Local artist, Koda Witsken, will be painting a 30′ x 9′ mural at the entrance of the project off of IKEA Way. Koda grew up in Fishers and currently has art projects underway for the towns of Cumberland, Elwood, and Zionsville, as well as private installations for business in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Noblesville. Witsken noted, “It was an honor to have painted my first mural in Fishers six years ago. This opportunity with Thompson Thrift to install another four times larger is quite literally an even bigger honor. I can’t wait to share my color palette with Fishers residents. I hope the mural’s message (‘Thanks for Being Weird with Me’) spreads neighborly openness, kindness, and creativity.”

The remaining installs will start in spring 2020 and will wrap up in late fall. Future murals will feature artwork by Dan Toro, from Laramie, Wyoming, Megan Jefferson, from Indianapolis, and Travis Neal, also from Indianapolis.

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