TT Serve

To positively impact our team members and community

Community and Service

“ whom much is given, from him much will be required...”
Luke 12:48

TT Serve is the community impact arm of Thompson Thrift and offers team members opportunities to live out our mission in a variety of ways. We support and honor the impact each individual is making in their community and are proud of our team members' service.

Several areas of focus bring TT Serve to life at Thompson Thrift. Whether it be through interaction with our Community Service Partner or our Geographic Expansion initiative, we strive to exemplify our mission—to positively impact our team members and the communities we serve—in everything we do.


Ways we serve

Five areas of concentration make up the TT Serve program:

Community Service Partner
Community Giving
Community Service Coordination
Diversify and Expand Geographically
Miriam Movement

Community Service Partner

Thompson Thrift has a history of partnering with a non-profit organization in the local area as part of their culture to serve the community. Though Thompson Thrift serves multiple community organizations, a larger concentration of service hours and financial assistance will go towards helping the community service partner.

Community Giving

From time to time, Thompson Thrift is approached and asked to support worthy community causes. The Community Financial Giving program governs how these relationships and funds are managed. Thompson Thrift currently partners financially with over 35 local organizations primarily in the areas of community revitalization, children and youth, and education.

Community Service Coordination

A virtual Catalog of Offerings for service opportunities is available for team members looking for ways to become more involved in their community. The Catalog of Offerings is searchable by location and type of service and contains all Thompson Thrift approved organizations. A team member can also see if another team member volunteers or serves with an organization that would provide a familiar contact for engagement.

The company also wishes to encourage those who are already active in community service. Each team member who volunteers with a non-profit organization and gives of their resources can apply for the TT Serve Company Giving Match. When approved, Thompson Thrift will match that team members’ donation to the non-profit as a way to show support.

Diversify and Expand Geographically

Thompson Thrift is a nationally recognized brand with numerous projects and team members all over the nation. Thompson Thrift seeks to benefit and give back to communities in which we operate, not just where we are headquartered.

  • During any given year, not all TT team members will work in the town where the Community Service Partner of the Year is located, so an opportunity to serve the community is reviewed in areas where other team members work. Though on a smaller scale, these opportunities will be mirrored after the model established in Terre Haute.
  • When Thompson Thrift completes a portfolio project in a community, a one-time donation will be made to a non-profit in that community on behalf of Thompson Thrift.

Miriam Movement

Miriam Movement seeks to be there when our team members need us most. There is a story in Jewish history about a girl named Miriam who crossed paths with a person in need of help. At that moment, she could have thought to herself, wow I feel bad for that person, and then moved on with her day. She, however, looked upon the person who was in a vulnerable spot and decided to take action and do what she could to show support and care. The Miriam Movement was named after the girl in this story.

Excellence. Service. Leadership.

More than a job

If you are looking for more than a job, have a desire to work with a company that embraces service and community, Thompson Thrift is the company for you.

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