TT Serve

To positively impact our team members and community

Community and Service

“ whom much is given, from him much will be required...”
Luke 12:48

TT Serve is the community impact arm of Thompson Thrift and offers team members opportunities to live out our mission in a variety of ways. We support and honor the impact each individual is making in their community and are proud of our team members' service.

Several areas of focus bring TT Serve to life at Thompson Thrift. Whether it be through interaction with our community or our global initiatives, we strive to exemplify our mission—to positively impact our team members and the communities we serve—in everything we do.


Three Areas of Impact



Offers supports and care for team members through Miriam Movement and with other acts of support in times of need.


Financial and volunteer support to Community Service Partners and numerous other nonprofit organizations, locally and nationally.

Thompson Thrift has a history of partnering with a non-profit organization in the local area as part of their culture to serve the community. Though Thompson Thrift serves multiple community organizations, a larger concentration of service hours and financial assistance will go towards helping the community service partner.


Thompson Thrift aspires to expand our reach, globally. In times of crisis or through designated vision trips, activities in this area seek to aid those who are in need in international communities.

Excellence. Service. Leadership.

More than a job

If you are looking for more than a job, have a desire to work with a company that embraces service and community, Thompson Thrift is the company for you.

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