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Influencing our teams to strive for excellence

Our Leaders

One team made up of experienced professionals

Our executive leadership team includes professionals that bring years of development and construction experience to our company. Our focus is on the successful development and construction of each Thompson Thrift project. Our goal is to guide and empower our team members to execute each area of the development and construction process effectively and efficiently to ensure the quality and excellence our stakeholders have come to expect.

We cover a wide range of services - development, construction, and property management - our leadership team specializes in each of these disciplines and oversees each team to ensure we meet our standard of excellence.


Thompson Thrift Development

Thrift Paul EXE Cland

Paul Thrift


Sink Dan EXE Cport

Dan Sink

President & Chief Financial Officer

O Connor Aimee EXE Cport

Aimee O'Connor

Chief Operating Officer

Purvis Josh EXE Cport

Josh Purvis

Managing Partner, Residential

Boyd Ashlee EXE Cport

Ashlee Boyd

Managing Partner, Commercial

Fritts Brian Env

Brian Fritts

General Counsel

Tolliver Kristin EXE Cport

Kristin Tolliver

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Barnes Brett EXE Cport

Brett Barnes

Senior Vice President, Organizational Development

Thompson Thrift Construction

John Thompson

John Thompson


Timberman Brian EXE Cport

Brian Timberman


Hogan Michael EXE Cport

Michael Hogan

Chief Financial Officer

Stahl Kurt EXE Cport

Kurt Stahl

Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Maxie Casey EXE Cport

Casey Maxie

Senior Vice President, Preconstruction

Dougherty Rob EXE Cport

Rob Dougherty

Senior Vice President, Construction

Nickel Matt EXE Cport

Matt Nickel

Senior Vice President, Project Controls

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