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Training & Leadership Development

Committed to team growth

Personal and Professional Growth

Developing our team members

At Thompson Thrift, we are committed to the education, training, and growth of our team members. We want our team members to excel and thrive both personally and professionally at every level, which is why we strive to provide our people with the best training and leadership development opportunities and programs.

Designed for our team members

Our Programs

Thompson Thrift's training and leadership development team works hard to develop our team members through internal and external trainings, programs, and certification courses.

External Development
Internal Development
Personal Development

External Development

Since 2019, Thompson Thrift has partnered with Indiana University Executive Development and the Kelley School of Business to provide our team members with advanced training and leadership development opportunities and certifications.

High Impact Program

The High Impact program spans 6 months and is designed to strengthen strategic thinking and cross-departmental collaboration, while finding innovative solutions to current business challenges.

Frontline Leadership Program

The Frontline Leadership program is a two-day course that focuses on practical leadership and management skills. During the course, our team members are gain knowledge and experience about understanding communication styles, assessing complex situations, motivating other team members, providing effective performance feedback, and much more.

Internal Development

Future Managers Cohort

Our Future Managers cohort works to advance our team members' leadership and management skills by providing trainings from subject matter experts and action learning projects to reinforce and apply learning.

Professional Growth Series

Thompson Thrift's Professional Growth Series is a quarterly program facilitated by both internal and external trainers that help provide team members with a variety of leadership development topics based on evaluation results from the previous year.

Hospitality Training

We work with our community management teams to provide hospitality training, which is designed to enhance skills that would provide 5-star service and increase our online reputation rating.

Personal Development

Predictive Index Trainings

Thompson Thrift utilizes the Predictive Index for all new team members to determine how different individuals and teams can work together efficiently. Our Training and Leadership Development team hosts regular trainings for team members to work through how their behaviors can maximize effectiveness, productivity and job satisfaction within their team.

Leadership Evaluations and Development Plans

Each year, all Thompson Thrift team members receive a Leadership Evaluation that provides feedback and assesses seven key indicators, such as leadership performance, leadership potential, technical skills, and more. The objective of the annual evaluation is to create an effective and comprehensive leadership development plan for every team member.

360 Review and Coaching Process

The 360 Review and Coaching process allows direct reports, supervisors, and peers to rate a specific team member's work, management style, interaction with team members, and more. Through this rating system, team members get direct feedback from their supervisors and others they work with daily to advance their career development.

Association for Talent Development

BEST Award

Thompson Thrift is honored to be recognized by the Association for Talent Development as a winner of the BEST Award.

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