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Rural & Warner

NWC S Rural Rd & E Warner Rd, Tempe, Arizona

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3 acres





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Located at the northwest corner of Rural Road and Warner Road, this planned, 3-acre development will feature best-in-class restaurants and retailers serving the dense surrounding population. The intersection is located in the most affluent area in Tempe, located next to premier employers and surrounded by one of the most educated zip codes in the state. This family-friendly neighborhood boasts one of the top school districts in the state, making it a highly desirable location for families to call home.

Tempe is home to the main campus of Arizona State University, with enrollment of 54,900 students. Desert Financial Arena, located on the ASU campus, has the capacity for 14,000 visitors and hosts multiple events throughout the year, drawing additional tourism to the area.

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2022 Estimated Population

Radius Total Population Daytime Population
1 mile 9,723 8,630
3 mile 115,154 135,530
5 mile 306,509 328,554

2022 Estimated Household Income

Radius Average HHI Median HHI
1 mile $196,972 $145,131
3 mile $122,796 $92,854
5 mile $110,285 $83,241

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Jake Heims

Jake Heims

Senior Director, Retail Sales and Leasing


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