Happy Women in Construction Week (March 5-11)! This week, we look forward to spotlighting Thompson Thrift's women in construction and raising awareness of the growing role of women in the industry.

WIC Amy Frederick Website


First up for this week is Amy! Amy is an Insurance and Risk Coordinator for Thompson Thrift Construction and has been with us for 2 years. Amy started her career in construction by working on construction accounts at a local insurance agency, and she loves that there were so many aspects to construction, depending on the scope of the contractor. One fun fact about Amy is that she has a bachelor's degree in Latin, and in her free time, she loves reading, traveling, and spending time with family, especially her new granddaughters.

"Amy is an excellent risk management professional. She spends her days making sure that the subcontractors we hire have adequate risk transfer according to our contract requirements. Because she understands the business, she can negotiate through difficult situations. Amy also is always up for pitching in in the field. She’ll shadow the safety professionals on reviews and look over her security systems. She is always willing to get mud on the boots and climb around on the construction sites to do this." - Loren, Insurance and Risk Manager
WIC Jenn Webb Website


Next up for this week is Jennifer! Jennifer is a Construction Accounting Supervisor for Thompson Thrift Construction and has been with us for 6 years. When asked what the biggest challenge was that she has faced in the industry, Jennifer responded "Learning how to manage people has been the biggest and most rewarding challenge for me. I wouldn't change the experience of building my team for anything, and I truly enjoy coming to work because of them." When not at work, Jennifer loves reading and camping with her family.

"With a relentless work ethic and unshakeable confidence, Jen has been able to establish herself as a respected leader in our organization. She’s never allowed her gender to be a barrier and that has allowed her to establish great rapport and respect among her peers. Her confidence is infectious to those around her, particularly the younger team members on her team that hope to someday replicate Jen’s success. When it comes to the technical skills her job requires, she is as strong as anyone. TTC team members come to her frequently for advice and guidance, and she is helping to grow a young group of Cost Analysts that are benefitting from her immense knowledge about cost control in the construction industry. I’m thankful for her relentless drive and confidence and excited to see what we can accomplish together at TTC in the future. The sky is the limit for Jen if she continues to push for personal and professional development. I am very thankful to have her on our team." - Michael, Finance Executive - Controller.
WIC Bailey Chaney Website


Next up for this week is Bailey! Bailey is a Cost Analyst for Thompson Thrift Construction and has been with us for 1 year. Bailey's favorite part about working in the construction industry is that each project is like one giant puzzle. She loves seeing how the progression of one scope of work melds into the next to put together an amazing project at completion. When asked about the biggest challenge she has faced working in the construction industry, Bailey said "I have a degree in business, so I felt confident when stepping into the accounting department, but construction accounting is a whole new ball game. Picking up on the institutional knowledge has been a learning curve for me, and I am continuing to learn new things even after having been here for a year now." One fun fact about Bailey is that she collects vintage film cameras and uses them as display pieces throughout her home. Bailey is also a photographer outside of Thompson Thrift, and she enjoys going antique shopping on the weekends.

"Bailey is hardworking, has a positive attitude every day, and approaches new tasks with a can-do attitude. She is fun to be around, works hard, and enjoys assisting her team members whenever possible." - Jennifer, Construction Accounting Supervisor.
WIC Kat Law Website v3


Next up for this week is Kat! Kat is a Senior Field Engineer for Thompson Thrift Construction and has been with us for 1 month. When asked what advice she would give to women considering a career in construction, Kat responded "Go for it. Construction is an amazing career, and women are so powerful and smart that we can do wonders in this field." Kat is a funny, positive, and adventurous team member, who makes any situation fun for others. When not at work, Kat loves spending time with her kids and taking time for herself to meditate and do some self-care.

"I have only known Kat for a short time now, but what stands out above anything else is her positive attitude all day, every day. Kat strives daily to help drive our projects toward the finish line and is a prime example of living the core wholeheartedly." - Stephen, Superintendent
WIC Darla Moore Website


Next up for this week is Darla! Darla is the Director of Project Controls and Training for Thompson Thrift Construction and has been with us for 19 years. Darla started her career in construction on TTC's accounting team, and then switched to construction project management for a new experience in the construction field. Darla's favorite part about her role is finding ways to work smarter, not harder, and providing training to other team members to be successful in their job. One fun fact about Darla is that she was ranked #2 in the state last year in the 40 and over mountain bike race series. In her free time, Darla loves spoiling her grandchildren, road cycling, mountain biking, and riding tandem with her husband.

"Darla is absolutely critical to our business. I can’t even imagine how many different times in a week that I say the words “I’ll get with Darla about that,” while sitting in a meeting about policy/procedure, Procore, IT, etc. She is instrumental in our structure and processes, and she is always willing to help despite being extremely busy. On top of being someone that drives results, she is also a pleasure to be around and just have a conversation with about family or whatever comes to mind in the moment."
WIC Joanne Gallant Website


Next up for this week is Joanne! Joanne is a Preconstruction Coordinator with Thompson Thrift Construction and is celebrating 20 years with us this year. When not at work, Joanne loves spending time with her family and is the Terre Haute Chapter Leader for the Armed Women of America.

"Joanne is always very passionate, zealous, and full of life. She’s doesn’t take anything from anyone and isn’t afraid to standup for others; She’s always looking out for peers and the department." – Nate, Preconstruction Manager
WIC Sarah Hendrickson Website


Last up for this week is Sarah! Sarah is a Project Scheduler for Thompson Thrift Construction and has been with us for 11 years. Sarah started her career in construction by job shadowing at her dad's work, which gave her a small glimpse into the construction world. In high school, one of her teachers also directed her to look into a career in construction management. When not at work, Sarah loves playing outside with her children, going to concerts, and doing group workout classes.

"Sarah has held several positions over the years with Thompson Thrift and I have had the pleasure to work directly with her for most of those. She is always eager to help out wherever it's needed, whether it's work-related or volunteering for the many outreach programs Thompson Thrift supports." - Aaron, Preconstruction Manager
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