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Early Career Rotational Program

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Early Career Rotational Program

Endless career opportunities

By joining the Thompson Thrift Early Career Rotational Program, you will discover that working for a real estate development leader creates endless career opportunities for you. By working closely with design, developers, pre-construction and construction, you will find exciting challenges, rewarding relationships, and impactful professional development opportunities.

You will be an important part of a national team that helps each other succeed, defined by our need to drive excellence in all we do. We are a company that stays true to our culture and mission to positively impact our team members and the communities we serve

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Career Details

Prepare for future growth opportunities

Pursue multiple career paths focused on design, development or land acquisition. Approach development with a technical lens; helping improve the value our customers receive from our products and services. Surround yourself with team members that demonstrate a passion for driving excellence and positively impacting communities. Experience the opportunity to develop as an industry leader while preparing for future growth into senior staff roles or leadership positions

Team Member Testimonials

Hear what our team members have to say.

Carson Thrift, Development Associate
Sean Blackburn, ECRP Associate

Carson Thrift, Development Associate

My time at Thompson Thrift has encouraged me to pursue a career of servant leadership. The ECRP program has provided a unique opportunity to genuinely live out our mission to 'positively impact our team members and the communities we serve' by allowing me to experience all facets of our business. From Development to Construction and everything in between, I have gained a valuable perspective on the multifamily real estate industry. I would highly encourage anyone interested in a high powered, well-rounded opportunity based on industry knowledge and personal experiences to give the ECRP program a hard look.

Sean Blackburn, ECRP Associate

The ECRP Program at Thompson Thrift has allowed me to develop a unique perspective into the inner workings of the real estate industry. By being exposed to multiple aspects of the business such as Development, Acquisitions, and Design, I have experienced firsthand how the collaboration of each of our team members is crucial for our success. As Thompson Thrift continues to establish leaders in the industry, this is an excellent opportunity for both personal and professional development.

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- Graduate of a 4 year college

- Passion for excellence

- Desire to learn the development industry

Upon completion of the 24-month program, ECRP team members will be placed into a role suited for the skills and/or the needs of the business. This placement will be based where the company needs are while also considering their interests and skill sets. At Thompson Thrift, we are committed to building more than just great properties. We’re also building the future for our team members.

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