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Watermark 2021 Multifamily Development Fund III

Learn more about our 2021 Watermark Fund III


Fund Property Tours

Castle Pines
Colorado Springs
Lyon Township
Port St. Lucie


Q&A with CEO, Paul Thrift

WMK 2021 Multifamily Development Fund III (Full Video)
Start of Thompson Thrift History and Company Overview
Watermark Investment History
Watermark Product & Strategy
Watermark 2021 Multifamily Development Fund III Projects
Brief Multifamily Market Outlook
Covid-19 Pandemic Effects on Multifamily
Current Multifamily Investment Sales Environment
Watermark 2021 Multifamily Development Fund III Specifics
Closing Remarks

Investment Opportunity

To our Investors

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Thank you for visiting our 2021 Multifamily Development Fund III resource page. Included above is a link to download the Offering Memorandum.

If you have any questions regarding Thompson Thrift or the Watermark Multifamily Development Fund III, Carrie Thrift LaFay or Matthew Neff will be happy to answer your questions.

Carrie Thrift LaFay, Vice President of Capital Markets
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Matthew Neff, Sr. Director of Capital Markets
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