To positively impact our team members and the communities we serve.

Our Core Values


Our commitment to excellence means doing the very best we can for our stakeholders across all business services across the company. We believe in going above and beyond with the duties entrusted to us.


Every level of leadership at Thompson Thrift is expected to embody the principle of servant leadership. Putting the needs of others above our own and always prepared to ask the simple question—how can we help?


We believe that everyone is a leader in some capacity—no matter the function. Influencing others toward any form of action inside or outside of our company should be taken seriously. Our leaders understand that character plays a vital role in this value. We encourage each of our team members to demonstrate ways we live out each of our core values every day.

Core Competencies

Living the core each day

The core of Thompson Thrift is our mission, core values, and core competencies. These aspects make up the culture of Thompson Thrift—why we do what we do, our guiding principles, and the behaviors we are striving for as individuals and as a team.

Instills Trust
Communicates Effectively
Drive Results
Displays Curiosity

Instills Trust

Here at Thompson Thrift, instilling trust is as simple as having confidence in one another. When trust is present, team members can admit weaknesses and mistakes, ask for help, accept feedback, take risks, and give one another the benefit of the doubt. These are the essential ingredients for growth, progress, and innovation. As a company, we aim to embody this competency in every aspect of our business, internally and externally.

Communicates Effectively

We believe that effective communication is essential in all aspects of life. Whether your speaking to a broad audience, small team, colleague, family, or friend, clarity is key to ensuring your message is being received and understood. Communicating effectively also includes the approach or the tone in which you communicate. Treating others with dignity and respect, attentive listening to questions, concerns and interests, and being open to new ideas or change, are all part of effective communication.

Drive Results

Driving results is a team effort. You are aligning with your team's goals, determining strategic action steps, holding yourself accountable, being honest with yourself and others, evaluating progress early on in the process, and often—all these actions are vital to driving results at Thompson Thrift.

Displays Curiosity

Displaying curiosity at Thompson Thrift is actively learning through inquisitive actions and leveraging both successes and failures as opportunities for growth. There is a wide range of benefits for organizations, leaders, and team members that display curiosity—fewer errors, increased capacity to view tough situations more creatively, open team communication, and more.


Community Involvement

To positively impact our team members and the communities we serve is at the core of what we do. Our TT Serve division works with our communities and our team members to ensure our mission is lived out. Whether it be through interaction with our Community Service Partners or our Geographic Expansion work, we strive to exemplify our mission in everything we do.