Material Procurement

Terre Haute, IN  •  Full Time

Job Description

This position will be responsible for ordering, and delivery to the jobsite of all material being purchased directly by Thompson Thrift Construction.

Position will report to the Procurement Specialist.

Specific Position Duties:

Establish practices, policies, and procedures for the most efficient means of tracking, staging, and delivering building materials to project job sites.

Build strong vendor partnerships and monitor vendor performance to ensure business expectations are being met.

Troubleshoot vendor or delivery issues, jobsite order discrepancies, damage and defective claims or miscellaneous jobsite problems as the relate to delivered materials.

Work with project superintendents to coordinate material delivery schedules to ensure proper equipment and laydown areas are secured.

Establish efficiencies and monitor material quantities to avoid material shortages/overages in the reload areas and each project worksite.

In the event of surplus material in the reload areas or jobsite, this position will establish the most effective and efficient methods to redistribute material to other worksites or return to supplier.

Confirm order acknowledgements from appropriate material vendors.

Reconcile purchase orders to invoices and red-flag discrepancies to proper chain of command.

Visit jobsites and reload areas to review/inspect delivered materials to resolve quantity and quality control related issues.

Provide training to on-site personnel of delivery and inventory system.