A Video Series by Paul Thrift

2020 • A Year in Review

We have much to be thankful for because of your dedication.

Welcome to the Year-in-Review Spotlight Series. Over the next few weeks we will share several video updates from Paul Thrift with you. The intention of this video series is to update you on several areas of the company and allow us the opportunity to celebrate our wins.

Thank you for being part of our team and persevering through 2020. We hope you enjoy this Year-In-Review Spotlight Series.


By CEO, Paul Thrift

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Thompson Thrift Retail Group
Chapter 3: Corporate Services
Chapter 4: Thompson Thrift Construction
Chapter 5: Watermark Residential
Chapter 6: Covid-19, A Challenging Year
Chapter 7: Luxury Leased Homes
Chapter 8: Vision 2025
Chapter 9: Annual Meeting
Chapter 10: Watermark 2021 Multifamily Development Fund III
Chapter 11: Hold vs. Sell
Chapter 12: TT Serve
Chapter 13: One Team
Chapter 14: Financial Scorecard
Chapter 15: Living the Core
Chapter 16: A Christmas Blessing
Chapter 17: Supervisor Responsibility
Chapter 18: Work from Anywhere
Chapter 19: Leadership Development
Chapter 20: Wrap Up
Drone View Fishers District

Working at Thompson Thrift has given me a greater perspective on what teamwork is all about. It’s great to be part of company that puts people first.

Brandon Borah, Director, Retail Sales & Leasing
DSC 6343

The growth that we’ve seen over the past decade at Thompson Thrift has been incredible and really speaks to our core principles and values, and makes everyone excited to show up to work every day knowing there aren’t really many projects out there that are too big or too difficult for us to do.

Josh Purvis, Managing Partner, Thompson Thrift Residential
Thompson Thrift Corporate Wall

Displaying curiosity allows me to ask the “why” behind things I want to understand. I believe that this is one of the most significant areas that has impacted my career and allowed me to grow professionally.

Amanda Dye, Controller, Residential
Drone View Fishers District

We work in a very transparent manner with the municipalities that we’re doing business in, and negotiate in an ethical manner to bring quality projects to those communities that will be a lasting impact.

Ashlee Boyd, Managing Partner, Thompson Thrift Commercial
Annual Meeting group

Trust is built every single day. It’s not something that is built once and then you just have it the rest of your life. You build it, and then you keep building on it every single day.

Josh Purvis, Managing Partner, Thompson Thrift Residential
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