Building a Vision

"We have a terrific track record of letting our client-partners know what their building will look like, what it will cost and how long it will take to build before construction starts."

- John Thompson



Because of Thompson Thrift's comprehensive preconstruction services, our client-partners can benefit from our "construction-without-risk" approach. This method allows client-partners to achieve their building needs and have us assume their project's contractual risks, guarantee a maximum price, maintain the schedule and deliver the highest possible quality for the dollars expended. Because the best opportunity to effect major cost savings occurs early in the construction process, our preference is to get involved during a project's visioning stage. This allows us to give the architect valuable input about costs, constructability, lead times for critical components, life cycle cost issues, systems analysis and numerous other elements that contribute significantly to the success and quality of a project.

Service. Quality. Trust.